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CarniAktiv 650g

Kundenmeinung (erstellt am 15. September 2015):
Dear Dr. Meyer,

My name is Xenia and I am writing to you to thank you for the recent improvements your supplements have provided to my dog.
I was recommended your CarniAktiv by a friend of mine (Merle) in Cyprus, when I told her I am having some troubles with my 8 year old English bulldog.

Buddha is my 8 year old English bulldog who was suffering from some of the more usual bulldog skin problems for many years. He was diagnosed with a mild allergy to a certain dust mite when he was 1 and ever since then he has had all sorts of skin problems. We where told there isn't much we can do except for antibiotics for when it got very bad. More recently he was diagnosed with arthritis on his back right leg and this is when I decided to try something different for him.

Firstly I would like to thank you for providing your wonderful product absolutely free of charge! It was an unexpected and kind gesture on your behalf and more importantly my biggest thank you goes out to you for making life so much more comfortable for my boy.

We started adding your supplements to his daily diet on the first of June and already I can see a huge difference (even though it is summer and he is not very active) his skin and coat looks better than ever. The allergic reactions are the best I have seen them in many years, even though summer is usually the worst time for him. Most importantly his arthritis seems to be better already. He now puts more weight on the back right leg and does not limp at all. Overall I cannot believe what a wonderful result we have had in just one month of using CarniAktiv.

What you have created is amazing and I would like to thank you once more for what you have done for Buddah. It is a wonderful thing you do - making animals lives so much more comfortable.

Many thanks and the kindest regards,
Xenia Petrova
Freunde werben Freunde