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CarniLac - The revolution of puppy milk

  • 1 to 1 replication of breast milk
  • Reduced feeding frequency (3-4 times a day)
  • Free from harmful trans fatty acids
  • Restorative food for adult and weakened animals
  • Particularly easy to digest

Puppy milk from the first day of life to puppy mash, supplementary food for adult and weakened dogs.

Nothing is better than mother's milk, but if this is not available at all or not enough CarniLac will help your puppies to grow up optimally. The high energy density and balanced protein supply enable healthy growth and strong skeletal development.

  • Avoids the dreaded diarrhoea and is particularly easy to digest. 
  • 1 -to -1 replica of mother's milk
  • due to the naturally high energy density, only three to four feedings per day are required 
  • protection and optimal strengthening of the body's defences 
  • protection of the sensitive gastro-intestinal tract and kidneys 
  • without hydrogenated vegetable oils and therefore free from trans fatty acids 
  • recommended by vdh breeders

the best is undoubtedly nature, but CarniLac  is the healthy alternative for:


  • complete food for problem-free motherless rearing from day one
  • healthy supplementary food for puppies in the rearing phase

adult animals

  • optimally compatible calorie-dense supplementary food for pregnant and lactating breeding bitches and cats 
  • for convalescent, weakened and emaciated animals as well as poor eaters and for dogs with sporting requirementsn

CarniLac is also suitable for other animal species: 

Dog, cat, ferret, hedgehog, hare/rabbit, squirrel, dormouse, forest dormouse, degus, guinea pig, rat, feline predator, bear, deer, seal

Weitere Produkte

CarniVital - Vitality booster for body and psyche
Vitality booster for body and psyche CarniVital Natural cell renewal Increases mental recovery and well-being Optimises metabolism For healthy skin and beautiful coat CarniVital is our innovative vital substance combination based on highly concentrated nucleotides, spirulina, the yeast complex yang and oat grass. With this extraordinary composition, this innovative product offers a wide range of uses:increases stress resistance and mental well-being of your dogrelief of liver and kidneysbetter tolerance of operations, vaccinations and medicationbinding of pathogenic (disease-causing) germs in the intestine strengthening of the immune systemshortened regeneration processes maintaining and building healthy cellsprotection against hyperacidityodour neutralising effect (bad breath)for pregnant and lactating bitches and cats, young rearing animalsvitality for older dogs and catsfor sporty dogsfor healthy skin and beautiful coat CarniVital gives: weakened and sick pets fast regeneration and strong defencesrestful sleep and sovereign composure for stressed dogsoptimal development of a healthy dog life for youngstersgive seniors several years of life backto all: contentment, joie de vivre, a good appetite, a healthy coat and a stress-free animal life.

Content: 100 Gramm (€210.00* / 1000 Gramm)

CarniOmega - Vital nutrients for the complete body
Vital nutrients for the brain, nervous system and cardiovascular system CarniOmega  Without preservatives, in food qualityHealthy skin and shiny coat100% pure natural fish oilTasty and pleasant smelling Natural active ingredients from the best source for your dog Pure natural fish oil as a high-quality feed and barf supplement for your dog. With an exceptionally high content (approx. 35 %) of essential fatty acids.  Dry / flaky skin, dull coat, constant scratching, problems with the musculoskeletal system or joints. Here, the right supply of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids is essential. Unfortunately, your dog (and your cat, too) cannot produce these vital fatty acids themselves, so they have to be fed in.  The omega-3 fatty acids epa (18.2%), dha (12.5%) and dpa (2.5) are known for:  An anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. They therefore support the effect of CarniAktiv®A shiny coat and healthy skinA positive effect on the brain, cardiovascular system and kidneysOur oil comes from small wild cold-water fish of northern europe in particularly high purity and quality. The oil is absolutely natural, from sustainable fishing, without any added preservatives or other additives. Food quality is a matter of course for us.And the best for the end: epa and dha have a positive effect on the serotonin level in the body and thus also increase the psychological well-being of your faithful partner.

Content: 0.25 Liter (€72.00* / 1 Liter)

CarniDigest - Protection and regeneration for the entire digestive tract
Protection and regeneration for the entire digestive tract CarniDigest Normalization of digestive processesProtection and regeneration of the sensitive gastric mucosaStrengthening of the immune system Elimination of toxinsEstablishment of healthy intestinal flora (prebiotic) The food supplement for a sustainably stable and healthy digestion for your dog or puppies! Not only diarrhoea or soft faeces are signs of disturbed digestion.  Flatulence, frequent grass-eating, restlessness, increased smacking / licking after eating, reluctance to move, loss of appetite, recurring diarrhoea, frequent vomiting...   All these are often indicators of stomach and digestive problems in your dog.  CarniDigest:protects and soothes the sensitive stomach strengthens the immune systemnormalises digestive processes throughout the gastrointestinal tractpromotes healthy gut bacteria (prebiotic)  also suitable for grain intolerance and allergies

Content: 250 Gramm (€128.00* / 1000 Gramm)

CarniAktiv - Resilient joints, bones and ligaments
Resilient joints, bones and ligaments CarniAktiv For strong joints, cartilage and bonesBioactive collagen peptides from grazing cattleExcellent tolerance and acceptance100% natural and free of side effects Bioactive collagen peptides for dogs The essential food supplement for better mobility and strong joints, for your senior, young dog and puppy. Whether playing, doing sports or going for a walk together - your dog spends the best moments in life with you.   Problems climbing stairs and getting up, not being able to jump in and out of the car, lying down more, losing the joy of playing, reluctance to move, while growing or after injuries, these can all be signs of joint problems.  Osteoarthritis, arthritis, hip joint (hd) and elbow joint dysplasia are unfortunately not uncommon in dogs. CarniAktiv provides your dog with the essential building blocks for new mobility and rapid regeneration of joints, bones and muscles. CarniAktiv thus actively supports the relief of wear and age-related complaints, but also the healthy growth of the entire musculoskeletal system in young dogs. Promotes optimal joint function and resilient bones in your dog.More mobility e. g. when climbing stairs and standing up  Supports fast regeneration under high stress and after injuries Promotes optimal growth (development) of your puppy  Can also be given as a nutritive supplement in cases of e. g. arthrosis. Scientific studies prove the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect of collagen peptides. Which dogs benefit most from CarniAktiv? Puppies during rearing, young dogs, working dogs, dogs in competitive sports and under high stress, old and sluggish dogs, especially large dogs. 

Content: 650 Gramm (€82.92* / 1000 Gramm)

Variants from €25.00*